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Automatic egg collection equipment
Reducing enterprise labor, improve efficiency, and save labor costs
Advantages and characteristics
During use, the egg collection speed can be adjusted according to the amount of egg production to ensure the quality of the collection of breeding eggs
Save labor costs
Improve efficiency
Model One
Model two
Model Three
parameter information
Drive motor (W)


Egg collection table (mm)

(thickness of aluminum-zinc plate)

Close control (optional) motor(W)

Speed control

Frequency converter
Frequency range(hz)

Principle of operation
It adopts platform type variable speed egg collecting machine head, slow start and slow stop mode.

The Bolong automatic egg collection and laying box is composed of a laying box body, a variable-speed egg collection platform, an egg conveying channel, a chicken drive and a control system. The bottom net of the laying box is designed with a standard 8 degree inclination angle, covering a special soft bottom pad, and installed in the chicken house through a modular combination; the egg aisle is installed at the lower end of the slope bottom pad with a conveyor belt inside. The chickens enter the laying box to lay eggs, and the eggs roll off the bottom pad and enter the egg belt in the egg aisle. The eggs can be transported to the egg collection platform by running the egg belt regularly. The operator completes the collection and preliminary sorting at the platform.

BLJD-BD2+ type
BLJD-Z7 type
BLJD-BS3+ type
scenes to be used
Anhui Large Breeder Breeding Group
Hefei Large Breeder Breeding Factory
Changsha Large Broiler Breeding Factory
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